Your Coaching Footprint

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Did you know you leave a Coaching Footprint every time you coach?
Every training session you hold, every game your team plays, every team talk you make and every time you come into contact with your players you have an impact on them.  You leave your Coaching Footprint.
Think to yourself, what are the rewards for coaching?  Are they the big bucks (yeah right), player support, parent support, committee support and general positive comments by others during the season?
Well, I don’t know about you but my reward is the influence I have on my players. My philosophy is to ‘Assist every player to be the best they can be’.  When my season is finished I reflect back on my season to all those tough games and all those hard training sessions mixed in with a few laughs and realise I have made a Coaching Footprint.  I have assisted players to get into State Teams, Australian National League Teams, National Teams and receive AIS Scholarships.  I have made a difference to players’ performances and personal growth.  And those who don’t go on to play for state or country I believe I have still given them everything I can so they can perform at their best.
Over the years the teams I have coached continue to be close to each other.  They attend each others’ engagements, weddings and christenings.  They have become lifelong friends and will continue to be friends well after Netball is over. Some now are coaching daughters of old team mates and the cycle goes on.
Every time we communicate with a player, we influence a player.  Make your coaching experience a positive and fulfilling experience by understanding you are making and leaving behind a Coaching Footprint.  This is our ultimate reward.
written by Melissa O’Brien