Working with the ball off the Wall

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To improve ball skills, players can work with a ball off a wall.  You can set them a program that maybe only 15 minutes per day and will greatly improve passing and catching.
Energy Netball provides a training session in a squash court which is great for working off the wall.  If players would like to work individually they can also have a program designed to refine skills.
Going through chest, bounce and long ball passes, players can work in front of a wall at the appropriate distance for each pass.   Elevation work using the ball, executing two foot jumps, can improve a players’ elevation.  Working off the line, passing onto the wall and driving hard onto the ball will assist in anticipation and going hard onto a ball instead of waiting for the ball to come to them.  Working with the right hand only then the left can assist with strength and accuracy and also help with co-ordination.
Using your imagination, you can design a program and if you are designing one for a shooter then you can combine both sessions so the shooter is practising with a higher than normal heart rate which is more appropriate to a game.
If you are training at an inside venue, ball work of a wall can be part of your warm up.  It would be ideal if you could provide a ball for each player.
If you haven’t coached a wall session before, give it a go as you will find it challenging and the players will enjoy it.
Written by Melissa O’Brien