Where to Start?

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Coaching is such a responsible job.  Usually voluntary and with little support and maybe you are helping out because your daughter is in a team without a coach.  As my heading says ‘where to start’?

I’ve had the privilege of coaching kids five years and up.  What a delight.  These kids are sponges and with the correct direction will absorb everything that you say.
What do you say?
Footwork is my got to skill.  This can change a player’s Netball career in ways you couldn’t even imagine.  Reason….footwork .  Having a balanced stance changes the way a player passes and receives and ball.  Footwork can take half an hour of a training session no matter what age group you’re coaching.  Starting position stance is feet as wide as shoulders, toes in line with knees and bent knee, soft feet and get players mobile by working off the balls of their feet.
So to start training, warm up, a few sprints then footwork.  What kind of footwork are you asking for? Well, I work on four to begin with:

  • Forward and back
  • Side step
  • Crossover (changing direction eg dodging)
  • Vertical jump

Passing is sooooo important.  Chest, shoulder, lob and bounce passes and please coach the players in their execution and technique:

  • Chest pass
  • Shoulder
  • Lob
  • Bounce

Footwork and passing are just a starting point.  Now to work on court structure.  Once the balance on the pass has been corrected the rest becomes so much easier.
Please know your technique when teaching players balance and passing.  Winning advantage!
Written by:  Melissa O’Brien