When is it the right time to teach kids to shoot one handed?

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There is no ruling on this although some clubs and associations have a hard a fast rule on age.
I believe players’ under 10 need to be confident with two hands before moving them to a one handed shot.  Watching coaches forcing very small players to shoot one handed is quite heart breaking especially when the ball ends up nowhere near the ring.
There is nothing wrong with the two handed shot when coaching kids.  It is in line with the technique of passing and has the same concept so the players are more receptive to the coaching of a two handed shot.
The shot is like a chest pass and starts high with the inside of elbows to their ears.  Then arms bend the same time as their knees bend bringing the ball down over their face then arms and legs straighten on release with a follow through.  Starting position is with legs as wide as shoulders and I encourage kids to look through the middle of the ring.
Once they have perfected this shot then they can move on to the one handed shot.  If you think about it, when they move onto 11’s, players don’t rotate anymore and GA’s and GS’s play in the same position every week so why should every modified player learn to shoot one handed.
Modified Netball is all about confidence, skill development and fun.  If a child is missing every goal because of poor technique they will lose their confidence and freeze every time they go to shoot.  Can’t tell me that’s fun.  So if you are a modified coach assist your little team to feel good about themselves when shooting.  Help them get that ball through the ring and you will make their day, week, month.   If you feel you have difficulty in teaching moddies how to shoot, ask the club if they have a specialist shooting coach who can assist you.