What a Difference the Goal Attack Made

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In a sold out stadium Thunderbirds were crowned Champions of the 2010 ANZ Championship.
Erin Bell and Emily Beaton played their way into the Australian squad and impressed Australian Coach Norma Plummer.
As a coach let’s compare the GA’s from each team, Erin Bell (Thunderbirds) and Jodi Brown (Bay of Plenty Magic).

Some Coaching Points – Goal Attack Position: 

  • Feeds the Goal Shooter
  • Assists in offering for centre passes
  • Draws the defenders off the Shooter
  • Accurate shooting
  • Back line throw-ins
  • Bringing the ball down the court
  • Working the ball around the circle (maybe better shooting position)
  • Requires a certain fitness level especially for accuracy when shooting
  • Tight defensive pressure right up to the transverse line

Erin Bell

From the list above Erin achieved all the above.  Her calm manner under extreme pressure settled the attack end.  Erin worked well with her shooter, Carla Borrego, putting up shots if she had to and always there for rebounds.  Because of this solid performance under pressure from the Kiwis, Norma Plummer must have been pleased as Erin was named in the Australian Squad.

Jodi Brown

From the list above Jodi struggled on all fronts.  Irene van Dyk, the Goal Shooter, also struggled because of the lack of support from her Goal Attack and Wing Attack.  From the previous week Jodi played a completely different game in the final and probably thanks to the committed defence from Mo’onia Gerrard.  It was evident Jodi struggled with her fitness and commitment to the ball.  The unfortunate outcome of the Goal Attack’s inability to fire was that it made Irene look very ordinary and to rub salt into the wound, Geva Mentor (Thunderbirds Goal Keeper) was awarded player of the match.
The Goal Attack can make such a difference to the attack end.  Every position carries a level of responsibility and it is important when coaching to give the players as much information as you possibly can about their position.  If they have the knowledge and understanding of their position and have been taught the skills the improvement on court will be endless.