Welcome to New Generation

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Welcome to the upgraded Energy Netball Website ‘New Generation’.

This website will be loaded with skills, drills, coaching sheets, valuable information, worksheets, blogs and so much more.  Addition of new material will be added on a weekly basis. 

My entire Netball Coaching Career was aimed at the Elite.  In the past three years I’ve done a complete 360 degree turn and now cater for developing Players and Coaches.

This website will assist Coaches new and experienced, to confidently Coach players with correct skill technique supplying them with quality content in their training sessions.

Our amazing game of Netball is entering a new phase.  With this groundswell of new players entering at a very young age, Coaches influencing skill development to young players is an important area that this website caters for.  From experience, Coaching knowledge with young players can change the journey of so many.

This website is easy and user-friendly.  Enter the Energy Netball ‘New Generation’ Coaching Website and your Coaching experience will be changed forever.  Exciting!!