Using the Line to get out on Centre Pass

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Variation on Centre Pass options is always an advantage for any team.  A team should have at least three set moves to take the stress out of a static situation.

A one on one defence gives an opportunity for the GA or WA to use the line and a strong Netball stance to get out efficiently to receive a pass.

  • Toeing the line, the idea is for the WA or GA to come off the line with the leg closest to the defence. Make sure the attacker starts close to the defender
  • The first step needs to be straight and strong. Players must not step in front of the defender as that is causing contact
  • The first stride is the most important. It needs to be close to a leap to protect the space for the next step
  • Once the attacker has executed the first stride straight in front, with the leg closest to the defender, they then use the other leg to take the angle. The attacker has protected space which gives room for the angle drive to receive a pass

This is a great skill for the front line to learn.  Actually, this is also a skill all the team can learn by lining them up on the line and having the sprint from one transverse line to the next.  Call out ‘Right Leg Go’.  Players come off the line using their right leg and sprint to the transverse line.  It’s amazing how many players will go backwards before going forwards.   Have the players reset on the line again and call out a leg then ‘Go’.  Make sure all players have feet as wide as shoulders, toes in line with knees, slightly bent knee so soft knees and a straight back.  No leaning forward and falling over the line.  Using the body nice and straight keeps the defender out of the attacker’s space.  If they lean forward, then the defender can lean towards them.
Players can increase speed and acceleration in the confines of a Netball court by a direct drive rather than going backwards before they drive forwards.  Give it a go with your players as you will be surprised.

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Melissa O’Brien