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Representative teams, state league teams and maybe some club teams are now in the process of selections. 
Below are some important steps before, during and after:
•    Advertise trial dates (website, local schools and local newspapers).
•    Ensure coaches have been named prior to trials.
•    If weather can be an issue, book an indoor facility.
•    Try to have three selectors at the selectors table.
•    Make sure umpires are organised before trials.  A big no no is to have players umpiring.
•    Use trial sheets so all players have two trials and preferably trial in both positions.
•    Keep trial games short (7 minutes).
•    Selectors need to watch trials so be careful not to talk to each other and not watch trials and also try to do all your writing during the breaks.  Players will be watching the selectors.
•    When naming the team, it is wise to have the President to name the players.
•    Have hand outs ready to give players and also make sure you have all their email addresses for further correspondence.
•    Now your team is picked you can start you season plan.
In the new year there will be a ‘Season Plan’ available for subscribers.  The Season Plan will give you a guide for your training sessions, team strategies, player development and coach development.  It will introduce new skills and strategies each week and revisit those skills and strategies throughout the season.  The Season Plan enables you to evaluate training sessions and match play and provide indicators to demonstrate improvement in players and coaching practices.  This will be an exciting coaching tool which all players and coaches will enjoy working through.
Written By Melissa O’Brien