Transition – First Pass

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A well directed long ball, released from the defence end, is an advantage for a quick transition on attack.
To have your defence end ready for transition when turnover occurs puts the opposition on the back foot and playing chasie.  If the ball is held up in the defence and not released quickly it can then give the opposition opportunity to set up which can make your team play short, work harder to get free and the possibility of throwaways.
Currently, the Adelaide Thunderbirds, have worked hard on their quick transition from defence to attack so if you get a chance, have a look at the speed in which the ball comes out of the defence end.  Again the saying ‘Seven Defenders, Seven Attackers’ is a valuable Netball law.  All players should be able to attack and all players should be able to defend.
If a short ball is necessary from the turnover then try to get the players to look down for a long ball for the next pass.
A good indication that your team is working on the quick transition is to see how tired the umpire is getting.  I do enjoy watching the umpire getting a good work out.
In summary, get the ball out of the defence end, preferably a long ball and get the opposition to play chasie.  Try to prevent them setting up a defensive pattern by working on a quick transition from defence to attack.
Written by Melissa O’Brien