Too Much Contact

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Too Much Contact
A pattern is starting to appear through the age groups of our game with players becoming a lot more physical and contact being overlooked with an advantage call and game to continue.
When is enough, enough?  At what stage does a coach intervene and start to seriously look at protecting her or his players.
Well I was thinking that every coach needs to start considering the umpire on the stat sheet.  For example if your GS is being knocked around time and time again why not start recording every obstruction, knock, push, trip and contact call so as there is evidence of a GK deliberately contacting the Goaler.

What can you do with this evidence?  This could be used during the breaks.  The Captain is allowed to approach the umpire with any concerns.  The evidence on the stat sheet will bring attention to the umpire of how many times the Goaler has been hit.  If this should continue into the second half then the information you have gathered should be taken further.
As coaches we have a duty of care to our players.  We are there to not only coach them but also to protect them.  I have noticed far too many injuries occurring in the lower grades because of rough, undisciplined players and poor umpiring.
This is of great concern to so many coaches out there at the moment.  Rather than complaining about the umpiring I believe coaches can evidence excessive contact and use it to protect their players.

Written By Melissa O’Brien