Tips to Prevent Burnout in 2020

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Burnout is real especially if you’re a Coach. Only Coaches understand the ‘can’t wait for the season to be over’ feeling. Sorry everyone else as I’m just talking to Coaches 😉 The old ‘buck stops with us’ for results and seasons experience on court can be extremely draining.

How do we prevent repeating this same feeling year after year?

I’ve got a few tips you might like to try:

1. Say no. If you’ve been asked to Coach more than one team….think again. Ask yourself, can I give 100% to more than one team? Whatever the outcome, be measured in your answer for ‘yes’ I can Coach two teams or ‘no’, I can only Coach one team

2. Organise an amazing Manager. This is one of the best decisions you’ll make. Ask someone who is prepared to go above and beyond to make sure all those little things which can end up being huge things are attended to

3. Prepare your sessions. Before the season even starts map out your sessions. Eg if you only have one hour per week, then introduce skills that builds the individual and creates a skilled team (will post a skill menu soon!)

4. Start the season with a parent meeting. Set out your goals for the season and make your intentions clear on your expectations for each player’s development and wellbeing

5. Introduce a Facebook page or WhatsApp for communication with parents/players depending on the age of the players

6. Upskill. If there are Coach Education Courses on offer, sign up. Point of difference between Coaches that want to improve and those who are babysitting can be in acquiring knowledge. Coach Education is empowering and brings new energy into your Coaching world

7. Be kind to yourself. Yes, it’s a privilege to Coach players but, hey, pat yourself on the back because it is a privilege for them to be Coached by you!

I will continue to post anti-burnout information to assist with the season that is 2020. Bring it on!!