Timing Drills

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When designing your training session it’s not a bad idea to throw in a timing drill.  This encourages players to work off each other’s leads to the ball.

There are many drills designed to get players to work together.  Timing drills are extremely important as players will work off leads.  For instance if the Centre has driven to one side of the shooting circle on attack then the WA needs to drive to the head so as to balance the attack end.
Timing drills will encourage players to read off each other.   Even if the player in front leads but doesn’t receive the pass she/he has created the space for the player behind to drive into.  We teach players to offer and re-offer for passes.  If they don’t receive the pass to clear out so another player can use the space to receive a pass.  Timing drills are great for creating these scenarios on court.
Energy Netball provides some timing drills for you to try (if you are a subscriber).  Here are two for you to try at your next training session:
Double Leads

  • Drill requires minimum of eight players
  • Pair up players so they are in different areas of the court, standing together
  • One pair starts with the ball
  • Work either clockwise or anti clockwise – your choice. As the ball is worked around you can call CHANGE and players can change the direction of the ball
  • So a player has the ball and turns around to two players making a lead to the ball
  • One of those players receives the ball and the other player who didn’t receive the pass will drive to receive the next pass (reoffer)
  • Then the next two players make a lead to the ball and the thrower selects one to pass to and the one who didn’t receive a pass reoffers for the next pass
  • REPEAT around the court. Once the players understand the concept you can put two balls in
  • Players need to communicate and concentrate because as soon as they have finished with one ball they need to turn around and set up for the second ball

Line Up

  • Players line up down the middle of the court with about three metres between them and a thrower at each end
  • Players are given two cones and they need to place then 2-3 metres either side of them when they are lined up down the court
  • Have a bag of balls at one end. When all the balls have been used then the drill begins at the other end
  • Thrower starts with the ball. The first player in the line, with a one cone  either side of them, leads to the first cone, then the second cone and receives the ball in the middle, at their starting position
  • The next player in line repeats and it is important that the second player begins their movement when the player in front has reached the first cone
  • The second player repeats the movement of the first and so it goes down the line
  • Thrower can begin sending another ball once the first one has worked about quarter of the way down the court
  • This is a great drill for timing. Makes it extremely obvious the lack of timing when either players are standing waiting for a ball because they have moved too soon or they are late receiving a ball because they have started their move too late
  • Change your throwers at each end so they also have a turn
  • Most important part of this drill is players do not start their move until the player in front has reached the first cone
  • Ball should flow down the middle of the court in a straight line
  • Coaches can increase the leads to three or change the lead to a diagonal lead
  • This drill has many possibilities so you can be creative

Timing Drills can also be put into your getting free sessions.  Players getting free can do some prelim work so they are free to offer when the thrower turns around.  Again Coaches can create on court scenarios to work on prelim work and timing.
Written by:  Melissa O’Brien