Time to Get Players Organised

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Let us start with a folder. 
I know this will be at your expense although it will prove to be the best investment for your players this season.
If you have ten players in your team and a manager, purchase 12 folders.
Name each folder and start to fill it.  Your folder will require:
1.    An introduction
2.    Goal setting for team and individuals
3.    Season Draw
4.    Training Schedule
5.    Fitness Program
6.    Contact List
7.    Venue Maps
8.    Code of Ethics
9.    Stat Result Sheets
10.    Important Dates
11.    Season correspondence
Players will often be given information sheets and on many occasions will misplace them.
Encourage players to bring their folders to training so they can file their handouts.
If you are a paid subscriber you will be able to access Stat Sheets and Athlete Goal Setting and Evaluation Sheets.  Training Schedule Templates will be accessible for subscribers in February.
The Energy Netball Website will provide you with many coaching aides to make your season more structured, organised and enjoyable.
Written by Melissa O’Brien.