Time Management During Training Sessions

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Let’s say you get one hour per week to work with your Players. Even if you have 2 sessions per week what do you want to achieve? With the current state of play, our Netball bubble gives us a very short season and not enough time to even touch on every skill. Here’s a small list of skills required by all Players:1. Attacking skills: straight leads, diagonal leads, single dodge, double dodge, change of direction, front cut, holds (front and back), lunges, split leads, clearing leads, rolls, forward and back, decision making, space awareness and communication skills2. Defensive skills: body control and repositioning, one on one (front, side and back), intercepting (first ball), delay, dictate and deny space, split circle, zoning, holding up, shoulder to shoulder, defending the shot, hands over the ball3. Movement skills: take off from a standing start, footwork, jumping and landing, running techniques4. Catching and Throwing – all five passes and catch and snatch5. Strategies: Centre pass (attack and defence), Base-line throw-ins (attack and defence), Shooting Circle (attack and defence), Court systems (attack and defence)6. Shooting: Correct technique, rebounding, courtwork and there’s more. So if you’ve managed to Coach your Players to be confident in all the above I really can’t see any time for fitness. Some activities can include skills and fitness and be Netball specific. I love a fit team. Every team I Coach has a high level of fitness. With such a small window to Coach all of the above skills, fitness is their homework. Set a program, change it monthly and try not to get too caught up in fitness taking up precious time during your training sessions.