Those Little One Percenters

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100 little one percenters make up the magic equation of 100%.  Can’t ask for any more than that from yourself and your team.

I’ve never been a fan of those referring to performance as 110% percent as that really doesn’t make any sense but 100% makes heaps of sense.
What are those little one percenters?
If you are referring these one percenters to your team you will need to make them more specific.  Some coaches refer to them as gestures.  For example, staying back with a team mate while they finish their shooting program or maybe a player has finished her sprints so joins those struggling at the back to urge them over the line.  It could be as simple as filling up drink bottles without being asked and saying thank you, please and hi.
Then there are those moments where players put in extra hours in their training routine.  Again examples would be, attending gym, running, one on one’s, shooting practice or maybe it could be a healthy lifestyle, lots of sleep and a nutritious diet.
Then there are training one percenters.  Players working extremely hard during training to achieve the desired skill or drill set by the coach.  To work that little bit harder so they can train as they play and play as they train.
Then there are those one percenters on game day.  Being there for your team mates, taking responsibility for your own performance, following the game plan, being inclusive during team talks, helping those on court with supportive comments and gestures, polite to umpires and the opposition.  Going for those match winning intercepts, carving the opposition up with those slick shoulder passes and putting pressure over every ball.
One percenters are important and thread a team’s performance together.  We have all had those difficult players that don’t care about those one percenters and unfortunately that forms a weakness in the team.  To all be on the same page and to all try extremely hard to do those one percenters makes a champion team, on and off the court.

Written by

Melissa O’Brien