The Word “No”

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The Australian and New Zealand Netball season is fast approaching for Representative and Club teams.  Coaches are hard to find especially good ones so Associations and Clubs are scratching around appointing Coaches.  Some appointment decisions are based on experience and some on accreditation and of course some on both.  In my experience, not all the highly-accredited Coaches make the best Coaching choices.

Coach appointments should be based on history, experience, results and knowledge.  Decisions should be well researched without bias.  Now I’m being funny.  Many of us are aware these decisions can be politically motivated or I could throw in the word nepotism.  Also, decisions can be jobs for mates.
Not all Associations and Clubs do this although a great many have been known tend to make extremely odd decisions.
Coaching is a hard gig and takes up a lot of your precious time.  If you have nominated for a specific team and at the stroke of the pen by others, miss out on your desired choice you then must weigh up your seasons options.
Sometimes you can get more enjoyment from Club teams.  They are Netball’s bread and butter.  Our base, our nursery.  Club plays an important role in the nurturing and development of players and gives the players positive experiences to take into the Rep, State and National representation.  Talk to many of our current heroes and they will all speak highly of their formative years in their respective clubs.
This article is about you as a Coach being appointed into a position that you don’t feel comfortable in.  Many years and a fair bit of pain has taught me to be selective on my experiences so they are positive ones.  This word that can give you control over this decision, ‘NO’.
Positive experiences extend the life of a Coach.  Negative experiences are a quick way of losing good quality Coaches.  Try not to put yourself in a position of negativity and sometimes you will feel it straight away.  Be careful you are not bullied into a Coaching position, that it is your choice and you are happy with the appointment.
Coaching is about enjoyment just as it is for players playing the game.  Be the power of your own destiny and map out your coaching future.  Control is empowerment of yourself and if you enjoy your Coaching then your players will thrive.

Written by

Melissa O’Brien