The Wash Up

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After a huge season of coaching, your season has nearly come to an end down here in Oz and NZ.
There can only be one winner so if you happened to get the silver or less now is not the time to make decisions on your coaching future.

It’s surprising how many coaches want to throw in the towel because of a tough season.  Tough meaning difficult players and parents the majority of the time.
There’s nothing like a good self evaluation.  Write a list and gradually work your way through it giving yourself feedback and receiving feedback from others.  Then ask these questions of yourself:

  • What could I have done better?
  • What do I need to do to perform better as a coach?
  • Do I require a mentor?
  • What coaching courses did I attend during the season?
  • Did I communicate well with players and parents on and off the court?
  • Have I given my players enough skills development to improve?
  • Did I make good use of statistics?
  • Do I need to do video analysis?
  • Could I have completed a Netball Australia Coaching Accreditation Course?

(or the Country you are coaching in)

  • Did my team require a strength and conditioning coach?
  • Did I have a supportive management team around me?

Many more questions could be asked.
Quite a few players attempt coaching and the transition can be extremely difficult.  As an experienced and older coach, playing and coaching are completely separate.  If you are playing, learn to put your coaching hat on and try not to speak as if you are on the court.
Preparation is the key and learning from experience forms part of your development.  Learn from your experiences and look forward to the season ahead.  Players need you and they need each other and that bond makes our game unique and enjoyable.
Bring on 2017!!

Written by

Melissa O’Brien