The Role of the Manager

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This week Danna Fisher offers some insights into the responsibilities of managing a netball squad, and a few helpful tips as well.

  1. To liase between the Association, Coach and Players
  2. To support the Coach
  3. To look after player’s needs & wants
  4. Collect monies from player’s on behalf of association
  5. Ensure basic first aid kit is complete
  6. Complete all necessary forms for Association
  7. Ensure players wear correct uniform
  8. Advise all players of changes to training times and competition times
  9. Provide fresh water for topping up drink bottles
  10. Wash bibs after each game
  11. Score Club games
  12. Organise timers & scorers for rep or other competition
  13. Write up playing sheets prior to each game and ensure all necessary forms are correctly completed

Some helpful tips…

I always carry nail clippers and a “lucky” coin for the ball toss at the commencement of games.
A ball pump is also useful as balls have a tendency to deflate quickly. A selection of mixed lollies and jubes is an absolute winner with the players at the end of a training session.
They will love you forever – Danna Fisher.