The Habit of Looking Down

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How many times do you catch yourself yelling ‘eyes up’? Ummmm, I reckon at least 5 times per quarter, maybe more.

Did you know it takes 66 days to break a habit? That’s three months. So if that’s the case, then players that look down all the time need attention from the very beginning of the season.

This means that during trainings and games, players work on keeping their eyes at ball height just as they would work on any other skill.

I Coach thousands of young people every year and nearly every player starts with their eyes down, watching the feet of their opponent. I even have players sharing they follow shadows!

So unless they play lawn bowls or soccer, get those eyes up and look for ball. Work on peripheral vision skills so players learn to see their opposition and ball at the same time.

Think to yourself. How much ball would my team get if their eyes were up? Heaps!!