The Centre Pass

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Your team has guaranteed possession ‘The Centre Pass’. Scoring from every centre pass would be a dream come true although you can get close. Coaching a team to control possession from a centre pass is achievable.

Wandering around the courts yesterday I watched teams throw ball after ball away from their centre pass.  It seemed players were running out and offering without structure and definitely with no thought of consequence.  To have all players calling and offering for the centre pass can confuse the Centre holding the ball which in turn can lead to a held or throwaway.
When I’m coaching a team to defend a centre pass I encourage the WA and GA to come sprinting down to confuse the space and make it difficult for the opposition to find their players in the three seconds they have.  So why would a team having a centre pass do this to themselves?
On many occasions the GD and WD zoom down calling for the ball and bringing along with them their opposing player.  What a mess!
A confused Centre will then throw to anyone calling their name and now we really do have confusion.  Even if that pass has made its destination the next pass becomes a challenge as everyone has managed to cram themselves in the centre third.  The next move seems they all run down court again calling for the ball.  Cut a long story short, no structure.
Set plays on centre passes is all about the players knowing who gets what pass.  It gives them a framework to play from and takes into account the consequence of their moves meaning the next pass is also open and the court balanced.
Turn your guaranteed possession into a goal!
Written by

Melissa O’Brien