Stop, Prop and Drive Forward

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Magic little phrase. This means when a player is running away from the ball or even performing a clearing run, they stop and change direction. They may drive to the ball or on the angle but their intention is to not let the person with the ball be stranded with no options. This needs to be practised as so many players run away or offer a flat drive to the sideline. Both of these have their challenges. If a player is running down court, the thrower needs to be able to throw the perfect pass placing the ball in the space the player is running onto. The flat sideline drive can be a coach killer. Not only has it every chance over going over the sideline but it can also create loading on one side of the court which also can have the same outcome….throw-in to the opposition. There are so many little drills you can create with a player running down court then stops, props and drives to ball or space. You can organise this in small groups and then put it into an on-court situation. If you have players in your team who step regularly, have them to this and they stop. This is also a must for those rainy or extremely windy days.