Start Line

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Start Line
The beginning of the Netball season for Australia and New Zealand is fast approaching.  Do you know where you are going to start with your team?
When you think about it, you start with a clean slate.  All teams in your division are on the same start line.  Why do some take off quick and others lag behind?  Well it’s all in your preparation.
Your time line:
• Selections
• Programs – strength and conditioning
• Fitness
• Skill work
• Strategies
• Maintenance throughout the season
Start with a plan. Have a seasonal plan so you know what you are trying to achieve with your players.  At the beginning of each month, draft a schedule with skills and strategies to be covered over this period.  If your season runs for six months, do up a six month plan so you can refer to this, update it, modify it and use it as a tool when you start match play.  Be thorough in your planning so your sessions are quality sessions.  Share the plan with your players and help them understand your goal.  Winning is the ultimate goal but it is an outcome of your preparation and players need to acquire new skills and strategies to assist in the ultimate outcome.
A ‘Coaches Notes’ sheet will be available in February to assist with your team talks and analysis of each quarter.  These note sheets will also be a useful tool in preparation for your next session.
‘Start Line’.  We are all on it.  Start planning your season. Coaches!
Written by
Melissa O’Brien