Specific Court Work

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Putting one area under the microscope and focusing just on that can bring your team incredible results.

For example, take the outlet pass from a GK from either a turn over from the opposition or a rebound.  Break this down and practice this on court:

  • Put your GK, GD, WD and Centre out on court…….no defence on them
  • When practicing, the GK will land facing the outside and toss the ball up, catch then turn around facing down court. This is to be done around or under the goal post. Three seconds begins when the GK catches the ball
  • GD stays with the GK as if they are defending under the post simulating a court situation
  • WD is on her/his side and GD is on her/his side. Make it easy and play positional Netball
  • GK’s first option is looking down court
  • Make it simple and if GK receives ball on WD’s side then will release to WD driving down court
  • If GK receives ball on the GD’s side then GD drives down court
  • Centre is there to back up but not to run into the space for either wings to drive into

Let’s take this a little further:

  • GK receives a ball from a rebound and looks down court
  • No option so double plays herself using either the WD or GD then receives and looks down court for either the Centre driving up through the guts, WD clearing down her side or the GD driving down her side
  • Try not to bring up your GA or WA too high as if you do they will all be running away from the ball after they receive the ball in the defence end. Let the defenders work the ball down to them

Taking it even further:

  • Add passive defence

Taking it further again:

  • Passive defence becomes 100% effort defence

Taking it to the max:

  • Put your team on
  • Have a bag of balls at the defence end
  • Fire the balls down one after the other and work it to the post
  • No shooting as it takes up too much time

In Summary:
The release from a turn over from the opposition or a rebound is strategic.  Each player understands the role they need to play and all players will back each other up.  One of the most difficult skills to coach is to get a GK to release a confident shoulder pass down court.  Practice makes perfect!!

Written by

Melissa O’Brien