Setting up a Coach Education Program at your Club

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Setting up a Coach Education Program at your Club
Are you looking at setting up a Coach Education Program at your Club? A Coach Education Program will assist in providing coaches in your club, a mentor program so they can be guided through their season with coaching information and support.
At the beginning of every season there will be a group of coaches putting their hands up to coach teams in your club. Some will be new and others more experienced so it is important to support the newbies and continue to support those coaches that have been loyal to your club over the years.
The Energy Netball Website is a great place to start with assisting all coaches in your club. All coaches can access a wide range of information including training sessions, worksheets, specialist sessions, shooting programs and heaps more.
Here are a few important steps in the set up of your Coach Education Program:

1. Provide each coach with an information folder. The information provided in the folder will be club information, guidelines, rules, code of ethics and other important information the club requires each coach to understand.2. For new coaches, allocate a mentor coach. The mentor coach is a person who has a comprehensive knowledge of the game and has had experience at coaching the level of players the new coach is expected to coach. Also this coach will have a coaching accreditation.
3. Make sure all coaches have an accreditation and blue card. Also make sure every coach has a non-playing association membership. The club may wish to pay this on behalf of each coach.
4. This program will require coaches to have a monthly gathering. This meeting can provide:
– Umpires presentation on current rules and also any changes intended during the season.– Specialist sessions with guest coaches – eg. Shooting Technique
– All coaches working through the same calendar of training sessions. This could be achieved by having a theme each week, eg. this week will be passing – short, long, lob and bounce. Each coach is provided with training sessions for the next four weeks until the next Coach Education Program Meeting. Making sure that each week a different skill is covered.
– Coaches may request specific presentations for your club to organise.
Each club requires a pro-active Coaching Convenor or Coordinator. It is important this person keeps all the coaches well informed and monitors their development. To set up a support process ensures the coaches are not left to fend for themselves. If the club looks after the coaches the players will come. Coach Education is the key to a successful and happy club.
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information
Written by
Melissa O’Brien