Selecting a Balanced Team

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Selecting a Balanced Team
What is a balanced team?  Ability, attitude, fitness, playing level or age?  There is a recipe when selecting your team for the year; you just have to follow it.  Firstly, you will need the ingredients.
Each year we select and coach and whether you have had a tough year or a perfect year you should learn from your team.  So say what if you have one or two poor attitudes in your team?  Do you select them again when they trial the following season?  Do you select them again hoping they will improve?  Do you drop them and start again with a new player? These are gutsy decisions and you need to have the strength to follow your instinct.  Players are not always the destructive influence on your team as it could be parents.  So many poor kids don’t get picked because of parent’s interference.  This is an epidemic and I have seen it at so many Associations.  Coaches are given a huge task dealing with players and don’t need the stress of external negative influences so this also can be a contributing factor into your team selection.
So what I suggest is:
• If you are new to a Club or Association your first year is your learning year.  Coach the girls/guys you have been given and be mindful of the teams development the following season
• Keep records of attendance, incidents, stats and make sure these are put in your end of year report
• Look at your team dynamics and see what works for you
• Get to know your players and start to identify leaders
• Prepare your players to play a game of strategy as those who are more individual will stand out if they are not following the strategy you have set for the quarter etc
• Watch the attention of players during team talks.  Before, during and debrief.  How do they react and are they listening
• Ask yourself if they could have trained harder, played better, be more involved with the team, and identified as a team player
Coaching is about improving yourself on a regular basis.  Choosing the players that suit your coaching is like finding the right outfit.  You need to work together and feel good about each other.  It will take a while before all the ingredients make the perfect team but this is one of the great challenges of coaching.  Only need to look at the National sides and the ANZ Championship teams to see they are constantly working towards a team that has a great player/coach working relationship.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien