School Holiday Programs – Fundraiser

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School Holiday Programs – Fundraiser
Conducting Netball School Holiday Programs is a great way to fundraise.
For many years I’ve been conducting holiday programs during the school holidays.  If you are a club or association looking for fundraising ideas organising a holiday program is a lot easier than selling chocolates.
Many young players are hungry for Netball Fun and many parents are looking for more opportunities for their children to develop more skills and have some fun over the holidays.
When organising your holiday program you will require a checklist.  Of course you can add more to your checklist:
1. Accredited coaches
2. Insurance (make sure all participants and coaches will be covered)
3. Equipment eg: balls, cones etc
4. All courts to have post pads
5. Participation certificates
6. Access to water or even better provide refreshments
7. Toilet facilities
8. First Aid kit
9. Receipt book
10. Whistles
11. Bibs
Make sure all players complete a participation form with personal details.  If possible, have this form available before the holiday program so you can gauge participating numbers.
It is advised to have at least two coaches per group of ten.  Groups should be age defined.  Station work is the easiest to organise with coaches coaching the same skill.  Groups rotate every twenty minutes.  A reasonable duration of the entire holiday program is 3 hours with the option of multiple days.  Each day the participants pay approximately $20 (your call).
An idea is to organise match play for the final hour.  The kids love match play.  Please contact me should you require any assistance or would like some ideas for sessions.
Holiday Programs are fun, healthy, community orientated, profile forming and educational.  They inspire children, parents, coaches, clubs and associations.  They also assist in developing friendship, leadership and contribute to the endless task of fundraising.  Give it a go and if this works for you try to make it a yearly holiday program so parents and players can plan and look forward to this wonderful opportunity.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien