Putting Goalers/Shooters under pressure at training

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If the ball doesn’t go through the ring then everything you have worked on during the season is fruitless.  Shooters must finish off as that is their job just as every other position on the court has a responsibility to do their job.
Including pressure shooting during your training sessions will pay off.  The downside to this is the team will have quite a hard training session and there will be quite a few sprints involved.

For example, you may do a drill, any drill, and at the end of the rep get the shooters to go to the post.  You may have two shooters working to one post and a thrower and shooter working to the other.  They get to the post and have to put up five in a row (only one shooter per post so one will not shoot that particular time).
If one of the shooters misses then everyone does a sprint and that is jog one third, sprint the middle third then jog the last third.  Back to the drill and start again.  After the rep send the shooters to the post again and five in a row again and if there is a miss then everyone does two sprints and they continue to accumulate.  The drill you are doing may only be for five reps but that is five in a row successful without a missed shot.  This could take you at least half an hour to complete.  For younger players you would only ask them to shoot one or two at each end and modify your drill.
You can adapt this tactic with any drill and even when you do up and back at the end of training get your shooters to put them up.  If they miss then everyone sprints again and the drill starts from one again.
If your training session is for 90 minutes use the first 30 minutes to go through technique, shooting drills and court work with your shooters.  This is an investment to the team and will certainly pay dividends.  If you know your shooters aren’t practicing during the week they will come unstuck in matchplay so it is important that attention is put into shooters during training.  Here’s to 80% and over Yippee!