Positional Skill Set

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Is there any room for the versatile Player? This was very much the banter in the past and it was a resounding no, yet times are changing. Should they change?

Every position is completely different and has a different skill set. For instance, a Centre has to offload every centre pass and before they do, one of their responsibilities is to look at each player quickly before entering the centre circle and make a decision on the best pass. Does a Goal Keeper have to do this…no.

A Goal Attack shoots and a Wing Attack doesn’t. A Goal Attack generally works on one side of the court and the Wing Attack the other. Bit like driving in Australia then driving in the USA. Different sides of the road.

If Players are going to play a number of positions then they will need to practice what is required for that particular position.

So many times I witness Players being moved around and losing confidence because they’re unsure of their responsibilities and also the agility and ability of that particular position.

When I Coach Players individually we concentrate on a particular position and build a skill set. I love this. I call it the layering effect. Each skill required is added to their library of skills. Let’s take a Goal Shooter for example. Firstly shooting technique and accuracy is a number one priority, then let’s start layering.

* 9 different ways to get free – attacking
* defence – hands over, blocking or holding up, hedging, shoulder to shoulder
* Back line throw-ins
* Transition on attack and defence
* Setting up
* Shooter to shooter
* Passing options

The list goes on. The more knowledge a Player has of their position the more confident they become.

Every position has a particular skill set and as Coaches our role is to educate them on how to build that skill set.

Yes, Players can be versatile but only with knowledge in that position. This is such a positive process for any Player and they love it!