Positional Netball

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There is still a valid reason why positional Netball can be effective.
What is positional Netball?  Well it’s when the players work in their own area on court.  In the instance that a player should cross into another player’s territory they will call a switch.
Interestingly enough, today’s generation aren’t really coached to work their own area on court.  If you were to ask a player to stay on their side of the court you might be surprised what you hear.  The majority of replies are ‘which is my side of the court?’
When starting out with young players learning about positional areas on court can be beneficial.  It helps in learning court systems eg. backline throw-ins, sideline throw-ins, centre passes and also in bringing the ball through the court.  It also helps with your defence strategies eg. zoning.
If each player was responsible for their own area on court, coaching Netball becomes simple.  If you have everybody running all over the place this is a recipe for disaster and can create chaos.  It also encourages greedy players to take every second pass instead of sharing the workload.
This doesn’t mean players can’t venture out of their area.  Communication between players is imperative and if players can recognize when the court isn’t balanced and work together to adjust, strategies are more likely to be performed.
A balanced court promotes open play.  It creates opportunity for long balls and teams having the ability to look down court and release long passes are already 10 ahead.  When the court is cluttered and chaos rules players tend to throw short passes and demonstrate the activity of an ants nest.
Teaching your players to understand court balance enables you to apply court strategies more easily and it will also make it easier for the players to understand, and to teach them court balance, start with Positional Netball.
Written By Melissa O’Brien