Players with other commitments

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Players with other commitments
If you are coaching at an elite level you will have players representing other teams.  For example, you might have a player in the State Team, School Team, Representative Team and your team.
It is important to not pressure these players and work with them.  You may also have the other coaches from these various teams giving the impression to the player that their team takes priority.
The key is not to get frustrated with the other coaches and maybe contact them with regards to managing the player’s demanding schedule.  All of you can share the same player timetable so you are all aware of the commitment the player has.
I have witnessed players given a demanding strength and conditioning program from three different teams and each team coach says to do theirs.  Also trainings can clash and again each coach expects the player to attend all of their trainings.
If you do happen to coach a player with various commitments an idea would be to ask them to submit a weekly timetable so you can discuss their responsibility to your team.  If they keep an activity diary then you can keep track of their fitness – shooting and strength and conditioning training.
Inform the team you coach of the other commitments this players has and encourage the other team members to be accommodating as some players may be annoyed when the player hasn’t attended many training sessions yet gets court time.
If you have a few players it makes coaching your team extremely difficult.  Just be patient and look at the long term benefits of working with elite players.  They will appreciate your understanding.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien