Player Balance Around the Edge of the Circle

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The Centre and the Wing Attack need to work together making sure the circle is balanced and there are options for all four attackers when passing and receiving.

A balanced circle edge is to have one at the head of the circle and one at the side of the circle.  Try not to both be at the top of the circle or both be on the sides, by the base line.    The GA and GS need options to get the ball closer to the post so the Centre and WA need to be available.
A drill to practice balance is to have one player on the head of the circle and one on the side, for example the Centre on the head and the WA on the left side.  In unison they come off the circle and the Centre, after coming off the circle edge, then drives to the right hand side and the WA takes the head.  I put a cone off the circle so when the players come off the circle they have a point to drive to then push off to their next spot.
This can open the circle right up.  By coming off the circle the Centre and WA create space to drive into by taking their player away instead of just standing stationary on the circle edge with a defender on them.  It also makes the attackers drive onto the ball and hit the circle.
All players should be working hard right up to the point when that ball goes through the ring.  How many times do we see the shooters and the attackers on the outside of the circle all standing still.
Keep those feet moving and creating options.  Makes feeding the circle so much easier.

Written by

Melissa O’Brien