One game at a time. One point at a time.

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One game at a time.  One point at a time.
Distractions and pressure can derail any team.  How do you as a coach train your players to keep their concentration and focus on their personal and team goals?
One game at a time.  One point at a time.  Break the season down and break the game down.  Try not to burden the players with outcomes and keep them focused on the role they play in the team.
For every game ask your players to complete a goal sheet and at the next training have the players complete the evaluation sheet.
Every player is required to achieve individual goals and collectively the team is required to achieve team goals.  When the players hit the court try not to ask them for an amount of points to score in one quarter or give them a total of points you would like scored for the game.  Really, this is irrelevant as if they are performing the strategies and individually doing what has been asked of them the score will be in your favour at quarter time, half time and full time.
Encourage players not to look at the scoreboard.  Explain to your players once a goal has been scored that is now history and let’s look forward to the next goal.  If an error occurs, this also is history.  Learn from it, don’t repeat it and look forward to the next goal.  Point by point chip away at the opposition and wear them down.  If the opposition has a run of three goals don’t stress.  Go back to looking at the next goal.
If you keep onto your players focussing on the here and now then they will keep focus and not get distracted as to what the score should be on the score board, or how many balls they have thrown away, or how many goals they have missed.
Take the pressure off your players and help keep them focused.  Try it and see if it works for you.  Also, we as coaches could take a hint from this strategy.  Don’t look to the end of the season just your next training session and your next game.
Wriiten by Melissa O’Brien