One Arm or Two Arms Outstretched – Slows You Down

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How many times do you see a player asking for the ball with one arm outstretched and usually running to the sideline?

Have a think about this. When players run, it’s important to have both arms working to create speed, propulsion and momentum. If a player is trying to get free from a defender to receive a ball, then sticks one arm out, what happens to the speed? They just applied a brake. Unfortunately for the player asking for the ball, the defender hasn’t put their arm out therefore has not applied a brake so…boom, intercept or tip.

Also, players who go for a ball and put two arms out a long time before actually catching the ball have applied a double brake.

Part of Coaching is the ability to teach your players how to run correctly This enables them to have speed, agility and balance on court.

If you’re keen on learning correct technique, follow Ranell on the facebook page ASSA – Academy of Sport Speed Australia.

I stumbled upon her page and love it. Ranell works with many Netballers and understands efficiency on the ground.

So back to the arm out action. Encourage players not to ask for the ball with their arms rather use prelim techniques to get free so the player with the ball can turn and pass. Also for those running with outstretched arms well before the ball is caught, wall work is a great tool to use the catch and snatch technique where arms come out on the catch and pull the ball to chest just like a lizard catching a fly.

These simple one percenters help players perform and improve.