Ok Coaches, now it’s our time to get FIT

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Ok Coaches, now it’s our time to get FIT
For those coaches who are now in off season let’s get moving.  If you are fit please ignore my lecture but for those who have slightly gone soft over the season (me included) it’s time to be a Ninja (young folk’s terminology).
How do we get started?  With three teenage children and not playing competitive sport at 48 I have neglected myself over the past few years.  I must say that when I’m around my players and expecting a particular level of fitness I feel a little guilty that it’s a bit ‘do as I say, not as I do’.  This week myself and my youngest, Bridget 14, went down to our local YMCA and joined up for three months.  At the moment they have a special – 3 months for $99.  We have been every day and started with a PUMP class.  The following day those hidden muscles where very sore so back to the gym we went.  During the holidays we are attempting to go every day.
My active journey begins and if anyone is out there that needs a kick start then get moving.  If you can get some time, walk or run three times per week.  If you have the ability to get to a gym then join up and attend three times per week.  We preach to our players about the importance of fitness and healthy living so we also need to be responsible role models.   Swimming is also an enjoyable way to firm up so if you have the luxury of your own pool or close to an aquatic centre then hit the pool three times per week.
I was thinking of starting up a coach fitness area on the website.  This would include programs for us and also an area we could exchange ideas and progress.  If you would be keen please email me on info@energynetball.com.au and if there is a moderate response I will add this on the menu.
Come on Coaches, let’s get moving!!
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Melissa O’Brien