Netball Fever Over the Holiday Break

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Netball, cones, stopwatch, skipping rope, weights, playing shoes, running shoes, training clothes, skins, socks, Netball post and net, rebounder and the list goes on.  So many wonderful Netball gift ideas for any keen Netballer in your family.
I remember the days when I received a leather Netball and a tub of dubin as part of my Christmas gifts from Santa.  That’s going back a fair while.  I loved that ball.  Every day I would put it in a netting bag, hang it over my handlebars and take it to school or the courts to practice my shots.
Up and coming Netballers and established Netballers will be strengthening our Netball community in 2011 all requiring the correct gear for the year ahead.  Some may be young and others not so young and as we all have found out, the older the player the more expensive the accessories.  A good pair of Netball Shoes can set you back $200 as to with a good pair of running shoes.
Once our Netballer has been decked out with their new get up, what about using the Christmas holidays as a time to strengthen and skill up for the year ahead.
Over the Christmas break can be a great time to organize players for the season ahead.  Those athletes going away over the break will need to continue their fitness regime whether it is running, weights, shooting or circuit work.  Research where you are going and see if you have access to a gym, beach or Netball post.
Every year Netball seems to start earlier and the break between seasons becomes smaller.  Players need to hit the ground running and continue with a fitness program over the summer as trials are usually straight after an extended Christmas holiday.
This Christmas period is a great time for coaches to get a little fitter and also plan their year ahead.  Energy Netball will be posting a ‘Season Planner’ towards the end of January to assist you with your coaching year.
written by Melissa O’Brien