Netball Coaching Packages

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Energy Netball provides Coach Education, Mentoring during match play, Individual Player sessions and also Player Skills Clinics and team training sessions.

  1. Coach Education – working with coaches to improve their coaching skills and session planning
  1. Player Skills Clinics and Training Sessions – Open to all age groups
  1. Mentoring – working with the coach during the warm up, match play and debrief
  1. Individual player sessions – improving skills of players

Example of Coach Education:
Session 1 (2 hours)

  • Initial information – Season Planner
  • Passing – short, long, lob & bounce (drills)
  • Shooting Technique and shooting practice (drills)

Session 2 (2 hours)

  • Footwork – Footwork techniques
  • Court Systems – bringing the ball down the court
  • Warm Ups
  • Attacking – strategies
  • Shooting Circle – passing into the circle
  • Movement in the circle

Session 3 (2 Hours)

  • Defence – Hands over the ball
  • Defence – Front defence (one on one)
  • Defence – Intercepting
  • Defence – Space marking (zoning)
  • Footwork – Footwork techniques on Attack and Defence
  • Attacking – Getting Free Session
  • Courtwork – Centre Passes

Energy Netball is based in Brisbane, Australia.  Coaching is available from 4pm weekdays, Saturday and Sunday.  Early bookings are essential for next season.  Pre season sessions are advisable for both players and coaches.  Coach Education can support new coaches to your club to assist with knowledge and planning.
Coaching Packages start with a minimum of six hours.  The content of the package can be designed for your club or association.  Energy Netball charges on an hourly rate of $80 per hour.
Please contact Energy Netball at if you are interested or require more information.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien