Netball Balancing Act

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Revisiting an old wobble board workout, we now have Balance Cushions available. I was remembering those cold mornings at the Australian Institute of Sport, finding our wobble boards, wall and a ball.

Now that I’m working with so many young players I’ve identified a lack of balance and it tends to contribute to poor shooting accuracy, poor passing techniques, a lack of confident decision making with a ball and without. Strength and agility can be difficult to introduce to young players and this Balance Cushion maybe the answer to balance issues.

The Balance Cushion is a versatile rehabilitation and training tool, which provides active and reactive training for ankles, knees & hips. It will improve proprioception and balance, increase range of motion and strengthen the lower kinetic chain during all phases of injury recovery and balance training.

There are so many exercises players can do on these amazing little cushions. Individually and pairs they can:

• One foot – try being stable for at least 10 seconds (work both feet)
• One foot – try being stable for a least 10 seconds with eyes closed (work both feet)
• One foot – bending knee then straighten (again try being stable for at least 10 seconds working both feet)
• One foot – receiving passes (work both feet)
• One foot – work on a wall with passing and reflex work
• One foot – In pairs with a ball and both on balance cushions

There are endless exercises that can be adapted for Netball. I believe this will change players balance giving them a stronger core and lower body strength as well as serving as a strength program for injury prevention. This will enable players to:

• Gain a stronger lower body strength so better balance eg. prevent stepping
• Assist in lower body strength for Shooting technique
• Gain strength for more accurate passing
• Greater body control for movement on court
• Endless positive results

I believe this is an amazing way to increase strength in younger players, so they can avoid pressure on joints and avoid the introduction of weights too early.

I’ve been introducing the Balance Cushion in my Coach Education Sessions and have just purchased quite a few for the Energy Netball Holiday Program Skills Clinics.

I’ve also been using the Balance Cushion with a few players and the results have been exciting.

In case anyone is interested, buy one and have a go. I purchased them through Kmart but there are many retailers that sell them.

This is a revolution. A Game Changer.

Written by

Melissa O’Brien