Navigating your way around Coaching your own Child

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Today’s ‘Introduction to Coaching’ Course was full of eager Mum’s and more than half of those Mum’s will need to put some ground rules in place before the season begins.

The photo you see are my two daughters and I Coached both. My Mum Coached me for 12 years so the tradition continued. With my kids we had a discussion about being part of a team and Mum was Coach to all the other children, not just to them so here goes:

  • Make it quite clear there is to be no hugging, clinging, crying, demanding or tantrums when you are Coaching
  • Try to make them understand that you are responsible for eight other children in assisting them to learn new skills
  • Have your training session well organised so you go from one activity to the next so there can be no boredom
  • If your child has broken a rule, invite them to take a seat on the sideline for a while (time out) and have another parent or if you’re lucky enough to have an assistant Coach, be there for them if possible
  • Have recovery food at the end of the training session eg fruit platter. Maybe bribery and corruption, but from experience, the entire team behave like angels. This could be a parent rotation contribution

Create a culture that is nurturing and interesting. Try to engage all players (no lines of children waiting as that’s where it can go pear shaped). Keep them all active and participating. Reward good behaviour and naughty corner for poor behaviour.

All the players will get to know you and absolutely be hanging off every word…….but not if your daughter is hanging off you!

Start the season the way you intend to continue with your child and set those ground rules early.

Have a great season