Motherhood and Netball

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Your whole life changes as you know it…
it’s no longer all about you…
Being a new mum to my gorgeous 16mth old little boy some days has it challenges, but is more then worth it.
Juggling being a working mum, a wife and playing netball at an elite level is something l could never have imagined or been prepared for.
Very early I found that motherhood was all about being organised and having a daily routine, long were the days where l could just get up and go to the gym.
Working out and setting aside time for family, friends, work life, individual fitness/conditioning training and netball training was difficult but manageable. 
Each day I found that if I stuck to the plans I had set for that day they were more likely to get done. It was all about setting a goal and working towards it.
I found that some days I would be exhausted, but I knew the end result was all worth it. 
I would have not been able to do all of this without the continuing support of not only a loving husband and family, but my team mates, Coach Melissa and Manager Danna. 
Being coached by Melissa for the past 3 years not only have I learnt to be a smarter and more confident netball player, but she also taught me to be a better mum.
Sophie Crouch
Qld Fusion
Tier One Cougars