Minority versus Majority

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I’ve been asked to write this post for a long time now and I suppose it’s a blog I try to avoid.

I’ve Coached many teams, elite and not elite (including my two daughters from the age of six). I currently Coach and have Coached many Players and Coaches across the State of Queensland. I Coach a Cadet team every Saturday and I also Mentor Coaches during matchplay most weekends.

I also conduct Coach Education Courses and hear many a sad story that is Parent related.

Listening to Coaches sharing their stories of how Parents have treated them is heartbreaking. Their eyes plead for help and they feel hurt and lost in what they believe is purely a job of love.

Firstly, let me say, I’m not immune. I’ve had my fair share of Parent issues over the years and they happen for two reasons. Their daughter is not getting enough court time or their daughter is not playing in the position they want her to play in. It’s that simple.

The incredibly sad outcome of Parents who make life difficult for Coaches always has the same ending. Their kids stop playing. Too much pressure.

Coaches are Volunteers. Every year Clubs all over the Netball Community search for Coaches as the ratio of Coaches versus teams is becoming a very small pool to choose from.

The trend seems to be for Coaches in the line of fire, is that the following year they’re done. This needs to change.

To retain Coaches Clubs will need to act. Support systems need to be established to protect Coaches from a Parent issue. Code of Conduct documents need to have a consequence for poor behaviour. Clubs also need to conduct Coach Education Courses to empower Coaches with the correct tools for the season ahead.

Coaches are Volunteers. They put their hand up and take responsibility. Moving aside all other commitments they train their charges once a week and then take them into their game on the weekend.

Parents be kind and Coaches please always remember, the Parents that complain are the minority not the majority. You make such a difference to these young people and create memories they will never forget.

The rewards from Coaching are limitless. Love your work!!