James could teach us all a lesson

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We can all learn from the lead up to the Australian boys 4 x 100 relay swim including the Missile,  James Magnussen.
James may have been the fastest man in the world and others in the team have credits to their name yet they failed to win a medal.  Why?  We will never really know the reason but little bits have been revealed.  The relay is a team event with a team plan and their plan didn’t work.
In our game of Netball we have game plans.  Individuals come together and all play their part to produce a collective performance.  Our reserves should be integrated into the playing seven to add further strength on court at necessary times throughout the match.I enjoyed watching James Magnussen having so much faith in himself.  He convinced me that he was unbeatable and he looked so fit and strong you could see he had certainly put in the hours to get a gold.
So is talking yourself up good for the soul?  Does it make it harder to move on after a loss?   Can it inspire the team or annoy them?  Swimming is a sport of intimidation as most sports are.  Tennis can be similar in the intimidation game yet the master of humbleness, Roger Federer, is admired by all and has managed to remain at the top of his game for many years.
As coaches we can encourage our players to respect their opposition and respect each other.  To keep everything on the down low and continue to train hard personally and as a team.  If each and every player is doing their work on and off the court and follow the coaches instructions on the Team Game then the outcome has a lot more chance for the win.
James still has a chance for a medal but I am sure we will never hear him tell the world how great he thinks he is.  I hope he recovers and whatever the result all Olympians do Australia proud.
  Written by Melissa O’Brien