Injury Time

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Wherever there is a rule whether it is in Netball or any other sport, Coaches will find a way to use it to their advantage.  I’m talking about faking an injury to make a substitution.
I suppose as a Coach you need to be true to yourself and considerate of your players when making decisions that can either put your team in a better position or not.  Maybe you need to establish the consequences of faking an injury.
Let’s think about the outcomes of your decision.  At the 17’s and 19’s National Championships it was evident many coaches called unwarranted injury time.  These injuries were faked to allow a coach to make a substitution or change the rhythm of the opposition.  I’ve seen this also in school netball and state league so it’s a common decision Coaches make.[member]
Coaches will practice this at training and seem to have players they can call on to fake an injury.  I’m sure if any of you watch the ANZ Championship you will see a player go down when the other team gets a roll on of goals or a player is having a brain snap and we all know they will be hauled off.  It must be a difficult thing to do if you are an honest person and have been asked to fake an injury as this, to me, is a moral issue of player integrity. If a player lacks confidence to begin with, imagine how they feel when they are asked to fake an injury so they can be dragged.
I’ve also witnessed players going on during quarter and half time breaks and being threatened if they stuff up they will go down with an injury on the coach’s signal and be dragged.  Very comforting for a player to know your coach as so much faith in you.
Coaching a player to think for themselves is a challenge.  Coaching a player to forgive themselves for a mistake and move on is a challenge.  Coaching a player to remain positive is a challenge.  Coaching a player to be the best they can be is a challenge.  Coaching a team to dig themselves out of a hole they have made is a challenge.  Coaching a team to have BELIEF is a challenge.
If you are a coach that nurtures integrity, cohesion, respect and sportspersonship to your players then you should have a slight dilemma on asking a player to fake an injury.  I have never used this tactic and never will as I trust my players and could not break their hearts.  For me I will remain true to myself, treat my players with respect and teach them to win with all ten players, bench included without chopping and changing players using the injury rule.
Quarter time, half time and legitimate injury breaks were introduced to be fair to all.
Please remember these blogs are my opinion and we are all entitled to those.
I have extracted information from the Netball Australia site to confirm the latest rule change with regards to substitution.
Written by Melissa O’Brien
Length of the Game
Netball is played over four 15 minute quarters. There is a three minute break between the first and second quarter and the third and fourth quarters. The half time break is five minutes. Injury time is up to two minutes.
Team Changes and Substitutions
A team may make any number of substitutions at the quarter, half or three-quarter time break as well as during a stoppage due to injury or illness. If a substitution or team change is made due to injury or illness, the injured or ill player must be involved in the substitution or positional change. The opposing team is free to make substitutions or positional changes, regardless if the team who called for the time out makes no changes
Rule Change
Netball Australia endorses the introduction of this rule change for all domestic competitions commencing January 1, 2011.
Introduction of the rule change at domestic level has been delayed due to the timing of the announcement falling during finals time, as well as the need to ensure that this information is disseminated to all stakeholders including players, coaches and umpires.
Due to the scheduled IFNA review of the Rules of netball at World Netball Championships in July 2011, Netball Australia will not be producing an updated rule book until the review has been completed and any additional rule changes have been confirmed.
The changes to Rule 3.4.2 and Rule 7 are as follows:
New: 3.4.2 Team Officials and bench players may coach while play is in progress provided that they remain seated or stand at their Team Bench. Coaching is also allowed during intervals (refer Rules 2.1 and 2.2) and during Stoppages (refer Rule 7). Team Officials and bench players may not indulge in inappropriate comments or behaviour (refer Rules 20 (iv) and 20.1.2).
Coaching is permitted during any Stoppage by any Team Official who may approach the players at the Side Line. Bench players may approach the Side Line if coaching occurs. During a Stoppage any Team Official may approach the players at the Side Line for the purpose of providing rehydration. (Refer Rule 3, 7, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3).