Hula Hoops assist with Footwork and Ball Accuracy

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Hula Hoops assist with Footwork and Ball Accuracy
For those coaches out there who week in and out watch their little troops step and throw the ball away, try this for an idea.
Buy yourself about four hula hoops and start to include some drills using them in your weekly training session.
Pivoting – Place the hula hoops approximately two metres apart and, without a ball, have your players’ work their way from the first hoop to the last. [member] They land in the hula hoop and need to establish which is their grounded foot.  Once they have the concept of recognising the grounded foot then they pivot around the outside of the hula hoop keeping their grounded foot in the middle of the hoop.  You will need them to do about six pivots at first and as they become more confident they can go down to two or three.  Make sure when they are pivoting they transfer their weight from their grounded foot to their pivoting foot then transfer their weight back to the grounded foot and so on.  Set this up without a ball at first then introduce a ball by having a thrower at each cone standing about two metres away for the throw.  Parents are great helpers in this drill.
Passing – So little players can understand distance a great way to assist them with their accuracy is to get them to throw through the hula hoop.  Setting the players up opposite each other with a parent holding the hoop in the middle, have your players throwing to each other with the ball going through the hoop.
You can do chest, long and high balls through the hoop.  You must teach them the correct technique first then using the hoop will give them something to aim at and makes the skill of throwing easier to break down.
Hula hoops are a great coaching tool and can be used in every training session until young players understand which is their grounded foot and how they can turn and pass keeping the grounded foot on the ground.  Pivoting is the greatest of all skills to teach your players first and from footwork comes accurate ballwork.
At the end of the training session you could always use the hoops for some fun and actually use them for what they are really for.  As a coach practice so you can show them how it’s done.  Lol
Written by Melissa O’Brien