How do you Select ?

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How do you select?
Selecting is a very important process that requires particular skills.  Selectors need to be educated on how to select and the club or association should look at conducting courses on ‘How to Select’.
Paperwork is important so each selector has information on each trialist.  Trial sheets need to be simple and not cluttered.  Recently I was impressed with Netball Queensland’s age group trials as each player had a photo id and profile which was handed out to all selectors.
It is important each player is treated with respect and given every opportunity to show the selectors their skills.  If they have put down two positions, it is important they play in both positions.
Before trials begin, selectors should be inducted as to how many players are to be selected, is it a squad and how many, do you have to select shadow players and any other relevant information.
Conducting trials is the introduction of your netball club or association.  Parents and players will form an impression on your professionalism or lack of so get this right.
If a coach from a previous season has had to do a report on each player this information should be shared with the selectors.  I struggle to understand why coaches have to do an end of season report on each player and it goes no further.  Reports are valuable information and should be shared with fellow coaches and selectors.
Be aware not to treat those trialling like cattle and respect their feelings especially if the players are young.  Take a professional approach to trials as this will be a great start to the season ahead.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien