Four Cones – Amazing Results

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Four Cones – Amazing Results At the moment I’m really into footwork and I don’t think you can give your players too much.  Working on change of direction, speed, agility, balance and control can help develop all players. If you purchase those small plastic cones and bring to every training, after your warm up get your players to pick up four cones and find a space on their own.


  • Place the four cones in a diamond shape with approximately 2 metres from the bottom to the top cone and two metres from side to side cones.  I like the players all to face the same way so I can see them all working in the same direction
  • Player sets up in the middle of the cones
  • From there you start some footwork drills:

Forward to front cone, back peddle to back cone, left cone, right cone back to middle (no side stepping) – that is one rep,  go through three times This time same as above but no back peddle, turning and running to each cone This time clearing runs so starting in the middle go round the front of the right cone, figure of eight and go round the front of the left cone then drive forward to front cone then drive to back cone and back to the middle – go through three times This time side stepping to each cone – right, left, front and back – go through three times There are so many drills you can do with cones in a small space.  Make sure players are balanced and not leaning forward getting them to use their strength through their lower body.  Making sure their eyes are up and ready for a ball although there is no ball. (you can add a thrower in these drills when players are more confident with their footwork). I have been working on these drills with 30 under 12’s over the past two months and their footwork has improved so much.  Great results from a simple drill practiced regularly.  I also do this with my opens and the fitter the players the more reps you can add.
Written By Melissa O’Brien