Gameday Strategies

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Shorter games, shorter times for warm ups, restrictions on spectators, COVID Safe protocols, basically the ‘new normal .Navigating our way around this ‘new normal’ has been challenging and you will find players adapt quickly and have resilience, sometimes more than we give them credit for .If you have a shorter season make it all about development from start to finish. Some Associations will have semi’s and finals and others have none. Some will go 16 rounds and others less. Adapting to our ‘new normal’ is the key. Use your time wisely. Here are some tips:* Have your warm up timed and practised at training so there are no hiccups* Make sure you give your shooters 5 minutes to practise before the game and work this into the warm up* Have your rotation or team lists prepared before going to the courts* Let your players know who is on what quarter before the game so they are aware of where they are playing and transition during the breaks is seemless (this is if development is your priority)* Work out at training with the players, the skill list for the next game so it’s all planned and ready to go* Keep debriefs short and effective. Take notes during the game to continue the debrief at your next training* Strive to keep their game experience positive with effective language, instruction and organisation. Let’s embrace this ‘new normal’ and give the players our best. Love Coaching