Fundamentals are the Key

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Coaching the fundamentals assists in the progression of your team.  This website has many drills that encourage the fundamentals of our sport .

Never stop coaching the basics as they are the key to enabling the team to take on more complex skills.  If the fundamentals haven’t been taught a team can collapse under pressure.
Revisit and continue to revisit:
1. Catching
2. Passing
3. Footwork
4. Peripheral Vision
5. Attack
6. Defence
7. Shooting
Make sure you also go over:
1. Centre Passes
2. Back Line Throw-ins on Attack
3. Back Line Throw-ins on Defence
4. Side Line Throw-ins
5. Systems on bringing the ball down court
6. Defensive strategies eg. Zone, Centre Court Press
There are many more sessions available to coach your team. Make trainings interesting, challenging and achievable.
When a player walks away from training and enjoys the session then so do you.  Set a goal for yourself that every session players have enjoyed your session whether it be easy or hard they have personally and collectively achieved.
All the best for finals Coaches and enjoy leading your team.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien