Flat Drives – Coach Killers

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So many times we hear the Commentators and Coaches in SSN call out Players executing flat drives. (By the way, when the Coaches ask for angles that means what’s currently happening, is flat).

This really is an important part of the game that needs addressing on a regular basis.

The first diagram indicates a WA running to one sideline or the other when offering for a pass. These are called flat drives. The WA cuts everyone off and also takes the defender to join the sideline party and we know what happens next.

The second diagram demonstrates angle drives, also pre-lim work before an angle drive.

Flat drives have a place in the game, for example a Shooter in the circle performing a dodge or an out and back.

Flat drives cause chaos. Clean them up and the ball will flow freely down court with no cross court passes or sideline loading.

Have a look next time your team plays and take stats on how many flat drives are occurring on court. You will be surprised. Get rid of flat drives and you can instantly add 10 goals to your scoreline. GOLD!