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Fatigue leads to many problems.  As a coach, recognizing player fatigue is an important aspect of a holistic approach to coaching.
This website caters to all levels of coach.  You may coach young players, teenagers or adults.  Across the board all of the people you coach will have, at some time or other, signs of tiredness and fatigue.
This may not have been caused by Netball Training as there are many reasons behind a player that is struggling.  Sleep deprivation is one of the most common causes of fatigue and can have a huge impact on a player’s ability to concentrate let alone train.  Another is diet and hydration and if the diet is poor and the consumption of water is low, it will have a major impact on a person expected to exercise and concentrate.
Let us look at a checklist:
• Obtain a weekly timetable from your players – school or work
• Learn of other sporting or out of school/work commitments during the week
• Enlist the expertise of a dietician to give one lecture at the beginning of the season about diet and hydration
• Know when your players have had an early start for the day eg if you have a student that has started at 7.00am for a one hour training session at school and your training session is 6.30pm that evening
• Be aware of State and State League commitments of particular players in your team
• Encourage your players to inform you of how they are feeling especially if they are starting to get the sniffles and show signs of a cold coming on
• Make sure you are aware of any niggling injuries which can turn into a more serious injury from overtraining or fatigue
Tired players are hard to coach and motivate.  Help your players be they best they can be by encouraging them to keep fit and healthy and also assist them with their time management skills.
A healthy team is a happy team.
Written by Melissa O’Brien