Fastnet Netball World Championships November 25-27

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Fastnet Netball World Championships – November 25 – 27

The Fastnet Netball World Championships begin today in Liverpool, UK, and what started out as a development tournament for up and coming players, is quickly becoming a serious Australia versus New Zealand clash.  New Zealand has included current Ferns and leading the team is Irene Van Dyk (captain) and Australia has included current and ex Diamonds.  Both countries are sending their Head Coaches so again they will go head to head and show us the new competitive spirit of Aussies versus Kiwis.  Have a look at your TV guides for delayed, televised matches.
2011 Australian FastNet Diamonds
Emily Beaton (Adelaide Thunderbirds)
Kate Beveridge (Melbourne Vixens)
Ashleigh Brazill (West Coast Fever)
Rebecca Bulley (Adelaide Thunderbirds)
Bianca Chatfield (Melbourne Vixens)
Carla Dziwoki (NSW Swifts)
April Letton (NSW Swifts)
Susan Pratley (NSW Swifts)
Verity Simmons (West Coast Fever)
Amy Steel (Queensland Firebirds)
Vanessa Ware (NSW Swifts)
Amorette Wild (NSW Swifts)
2011 New Zealand FastNet Ferns
Irene van Dyk (Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic) – Captain
Kayla Cullen (Northern Mystics)
Shannon Francois (Southern Steel)
Katrina Grant (Central Pulse)
Cathrine Latu (Northern Mystics)
Camilla Lees (Central Pulse)
Liana Leota (former Southern Steel)
Anna Scarlett (Northern Mystics)
Anna Thompson (Canterbury Tactix)
Sulu Tone-Fitzpatrick (Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic)
Jess Tuki (Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic)
Maria Tutaia (Northern Mystics)
World Netball Series Rules
• Matches will be 4 x 6 minutes with 3 x 2 minutes breaks.
• 7 players on court, 5 on the bench
• Rolling Substitutions i.e. no stoppages; unlimited number of substitutions per team per quarter. There will be a designated box at each transverse line, opposite the Official Bench where players shall wait holding up the position of the player to be substituted. Players from either team may wait in either box.
• After a goal is scored, the game restarts from the centre in favour of the team conceding.
• There will be alternative centre passes at the beginning of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter.
• There is no whistle after a goal is scored.
• Coaches will be allowed to coach from the sideline, only in front of their bench.  The area will be marked out.  The third umpire will monitor.
• Each team will elect one quarter as a Power Play when any goals they score will be doubled.
• Shooters may shoot from outside of the circle, all successful goals will be worth double i.e. 2 goals. In a power play this could escalate to 4 goals.
• The umpire will signal by raising one hand for one goal and two hands for two goals.
Written by
Melissa O’Brien